25 Maps That Explain The English Language

  Vox featured an article listing 25 sources of influence to the English language. It is a fun read that reminds us of the Indo-European roots of English, as well as how migration patterns over the past centuries helped shape different accents and idioms.   25 maps that explain the English language   In the same vein, a seminal book on the history of the English Language is The Adventure of English: The Biography of a Language by Melvin Bragg.     

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Musings on language learning

Plato, in Socrates’s Apology, wrote “the unexamined life is not worth living”, and this holds true for learning new languages, as it does for constantly striving to expand one’s knowledge and erudition. Learning a new language lets you embark in a journey of immersion into a different culture, enables you to view situations from unfamiliar viewpoints, and expands your mind’s horizons. On a more practical note, imminent demographic shifts will grant multilingual persons an immense advantage over the decades to come – in the job market and social circles alike. A recent Economist article underlined the projected premium in the job market of knowing […]

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