The Second Most Spoken Languages Around the World

Olivet Nazarene University produced an amazing infographic that quickly shows you each country’s second most spoken language. The infographic’s insights show a positive correlation with immigration patterns (e.g., Australia -> Chinese; USA -> Spanish).


Interestingly, in both Africa and Central/South America, indigenous languages dominate the map. Several of those, however, are under danger of extinction, so this map will look very different in a few years.


The biggest surprise for me was Brazil, where the second most spoken language is German, estimated to have 3 million speakers. A look at immigration history sheds light on the case (Wikipedia). Germans began emigrating to Brazil as early as the 1820s, followed by many Germans leaving their country after the failed 1848 revolutions in Europe. German immigration to Brazil had its largest numbers during the 1920s, after World War I, and it continued in smaller numbers through the 1960s.


Check out the infographic below:


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